Finding the right puppy companion for you is an exciting moment in anyone’s life. Could Melodia, the Yorkie-Coton puppy for sale in Boca Raton, be your perfect puppy match? Read on to learn all about sweet little Melodia. 

Meet Melodia, the Adorably Loving Yorkie-Coton Puppy for Sale in Boca Raton!

This little Yorkie-Coton princess is a sweet little black and beige puppy who is sure to fill your heart with happiness and your life with joy. She was born on the last day of January in 2022, and she is a happy and healthy winter baby. While Melodia is still very small, she will likely grow to around eight to eleven inches tall and six to thirteen pounds. 

What Is a Yorkie-Coton?

A Yorkie-Coton is a mix of Yorkshire terrier and Coton de Tulear, and these dogs tend to have the personality and physical characteristics of both. Since both Yorkies and Cotons are beloved breeds for those who want a loving companion, it is not surprising that a combination of these two would be the same. 

While Yorkies are adorable and smart, they can also be a bit bossy and stubborn. However, when you combine a Yorkie with a Coton, those traits are usually balanced thanks to how chill Coton de Tulears are. Both breeds are very affectionate, and they enjoy being your companion. The Yorkie-Coton is similar in that respect. 

These pups are very smart, playful, energetic, friendly, and playful. Given their lovely temperaments, they are a great choice of dog for everyone from older children to seniors to people who live in apartments. Their owners can also easily carry these pups with them wherever they want. Yorkie-Cotons are also hypoallergenic. 

Since Yorkie-Cotons are so smart, they are easy to train as long as you stick to positive feedback. They also especially love treats and positive verbal praise. They do not respond to negative or punishment methods of training. 

Your New Best Friend May Just Be This Yorkie-Coton Puppy for Sale in Boca Raton, Melodia!

Are you ready to add a fur baby to your family? Come to Love My Puppy to meet the adorable and sweet Melodia today! She’s ready for a loving family to take pamper and care for her!