If you have seen Havanese puppies, you may just think of them as fluffy little cute dogs. But, they have so much more going on than their adorable appearance. Read on to learn more about these unique pups and their history. 

1. Havanese Puppies Are Easy to Train

These brainy pups thrive with proper training. They do best with positive reinforcement and a lot of encouragement. While other breeds can respond to negative forms of training, this is not true of the Havanese. It is also important to be thorough when it comes to socializing your Havanese as soon as you meet them. Bring them to plenty of new places, and make sure they always feel safe wherever you go. 

2. They Are the National Dog of Cuba

This breed is the national dog of Cuba and descended from the Bichon family, which were brought to Cuba by Spaniards. Over time, the pups developed into the Havanese we know today.

3. These Dogs Have Been Owned By Many Famous People

Some owners of the Havanese throughout history include Queen Anne of England, Queen Victoria of England, Barbara Walters, Venus Williams, Joan Rivers, Charles Dickens, and Federico II Gonzaga. 

4. The Breed Almost Became Extinct

In the middle of the 20th century, the Havanese almost became non-existant. However, during the Cuban revolution, several Cubans left the country with their Havanese dogs and traveled to the United States. As a result, the breed was rebuilt from 11 dogs. At various points in history, they have increased and decreased in popularity.

5. A Havanese Puppy Does Not Shed Much

Havanese dogs are covered in a beautiful double-layered silky coat that produces very little shedding of hair and dander. No dog is fully hypoallergenic, but the Havanese comes very close. Their unique coat also makes them fairly tolerant of heat. 

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