Looking for a completely customizable bed for your puppy? Look no further than Love My Puppy’s custom bagel puppy beds! Our signature line of puppy beds fit with any decor while cradling your furbaby to sleep every night.

Is It Important for My Puppy to Have Its Own Bed?

Yes, it is! All pets need a place of their own to sleep. A designated bed will provide your puppy with security. And while it’s nice to snuggle your puppy, they also need a place to feel safe while you’re away from home. 

A high-quality bed also gives their bones and joints the support they need. This is especially important as they get older when conditions like arthritis are likely to develop. Think about how great you feel when you sleep on a good mattress. It’s no different for your puppy and that’s why they need a custom bagel puppy bed!

Take a Look at These Exciting Product Details!

These 100% American-made custom bagel puppy bed offer more versatility than any other brand. You get to choose your top and bottom fabrics, and we make it easy to mix or match them!

Worried about puppy accidents? Don’t be! The 360-degree zipper makes them so simple to assemble and clean. The fabrics are machine wash and dryer friendly, while the pillow liner is waterproof. 

Many customers appreciate the eco-friendly polyfill, while others love how durable these puppy beds really are. If properly taken care of, they’ll last for years!

What Custom Bagel Bed Sizes Are Available? 

We offer the following sizes: 

  • X-Small: 24 inches
  • Small: 30 inches
  • Medium: 36 inches
  • Large: 42 inches
  • X-Large: 60 inches

As you can see, we’ve got dogs of all sizes covered! 

What Are the Fabric Choices?

We offer both top and bottom fabric choices. You can mix or match however you’d like! We offer solid shags, outdoor fabrics, animal prints, fun-funky prints, and more classical prints. We also offer micro-velvets and our designer Chewy Vuitton!

How Much Do the Custom Bagel Puppy Beds Cost?

Because your price depend son the size and fabric you choose, we ask that you please call us for pricing details. 

Choose Love My Puppy for Your Custom Bagel Puppy Beds! 

We are proud to offer these American-made custom beds to our customers! If you need help designing your puppy bed, please give us a call. We’re more than happy to help you choose the right size and fabric for your beloved family pet. Placing an order today is easy! Contact us at 561-368-6767!