Is leaving your four-legged friend at home the hardest part of your day? It’s understandable! They’re your companion, your confidant, and your anxiety reducer. We get it! The Friday after Father’s Day is Take Your Dog to Work day, and we’ve compiled the best ways to prepare and celebrate in 2023 so you have one less day away from your pooch. 

Take Your Dog to Work Day Should Be Fun! These Simple Tips Can Help You Make the Most of It

  • Before you bring your furry friend to work, you must first check company policy. Some businesses don’t allow dogs other than service animals to be on company grounds. 
  • If your company is onboard with bringing your pooch to work, you will still need to be considerate of other colleagues. Some people have allergies, so ask around to be sure everyone is comfortable with your pet being around.
  • If you have a pup that needs regular grooming, schedule their appointment before this special day. Your pooch will receive much more attention and better enjoy their time with you if they’re clean and smell nice.
  • Make sure your dog is trained to be in social settings, especially where other staff members may bring their dogs too. If you don’t feel like your dog is trained enough or socially ready, taking them to a dog park to get familiar with other dogs or seeking out training beforehand may be helpful. 
  • Constructing a space for your dog to relax during the day while you need your attention set on work is very important. It can be as simple as bringing their bed, favorite toys and treats, food, and water.  

Follow Our Tips and Make The Most of This Year’s Take Your Dog To Work Day

This holiday should be both positive and enjoyable for everyone involved. Following our tips will help you feel ready to celebrate!

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