Owning a dog provides so many benefits to our lives. They truly become our best friend and make the perfect cuddle buddies. But you may be asking yourself, “Should my toy poodle sleep in my bed?” Here are some things to consider about allowing your furry friend to sleep with you at night. 

First and Foremost – It’s Your Decision Whether or Not to Allow Pets in Your Bed

You should decide based on personal preferences, your lifestyle, the flow of your household, and other things that might be important to you. To make that decision there are a few factors to consider:


If you or anyone else who shares the bed with you has pet allergies, having your pooch in the bed can make them worse. If that’s the case, you can make a comfortable sleeping spot elsewhere for your four-legged friend with a comfy dog bed.

Sleep Quality

Pups can be lighter sleepers than humans and may stir more in the night. This can cause you to wake up with them. If you’re someone who sleeps more deeply, this might not apply to you. However, if you have any issues falling asleep or staying asleep, this could worsen your sleep quality.

Safety and Security

With dogs being lighter sleepers, they may be able to alert you to anything suspicious going on around your house. This can be a big benefit to allowing your dog to sleep in your bed. Having your toy poodle pup in the bed can make you feel more secure and relaxed, allowing you to sleep better. 


You will want to make sure your dog is clean and free of fleas or ticks before allowing them to lie in bed with you. Regular baths are key to a better sleep when sharing the bed with your toy poodle. 

Now That Your Question, “Should My Toy Poodle Sleep in My Bed” Is Answered, Make Sure You 

Have a Furry Best Friend to Cuddle With! 

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