Taking good care of your puppy not only keeps them healthy but also looking great, too! One way to make sure your dog looks and feels good is through regular grooming. Keeping to a regular schedule with a familiar groomer ensures your best friend has a positive experience. Here are 5 reasons to get dog grooming near Boca Raton.

Dog Grooming Near Boca Raton Keeps Them Comfortable

Swollen anal glands, long nails, and / or matted hair can cause discomfort for your pet. They can also cause harm and lead to costly health care.

Infected anal glands are painful and expensive. Nail trimming keeps the nails short and makes walking more comfortable. Matted hair is a hiding place for bugs and other pests. Mats also make brushing painful and they pull on the skin. Regular grooming keeps the hair easy to brush regularly at home. So, take care of all these with regular trips to a trusted groomer.

They’ll Be Cleaner

Unmanageable hair, especially around elimination areas, holds dirt, urine, and fecal material. Regular grooming cleans the fur and trims it shorter, so it stays cleaner too.

It May Help With Allergies, Theirs and Yours

Your hypoallergenic dog still picks up dust and pollen in it’s hair. If you or your dog have allergies, this is problematic. Keeping your pet clean cuts down on allergens, and it’s easier to keep the short hair allergen-free, even between groomings.

Shorter Hair Keeps Them Cooler

In hotter weather, dense, thick hair keeps your pet hot. Shorter, mat-free hair is more comfortable in warm conditions.

Cuddles Are So Pleasant After Dog Grooming Near Boca Raton

The best thing about a freshly groomed pooch is the sweet-smelling, soft cuddles. You’ll love petting your dog, and they will love it too. Time with you makes your pet happier and healthier – and you, too!

Do You Need A Trusted Groomer?

The professional groomers at Love My Puppy specialize in companion breeds and have years of experience bathing and caring for all your pup’s grooming needs. We love seeing regular clients, because it lets us form a bond with your pet, making the experience more enjoyable. Call us to schedule an appointment for dog grooming near Boca Raton today at 561-368-6767!