Congratulations! You’ve chosen to bring home a sweet, fun-loving Maltipoo near West Palm Beach. As with any dog, there are tips and tricks to caring for your new best friend. Puppies come with a great responsibility, and oftentimes we think we’re prepared to bring one home until we actually get there.

First Things First, Get to Know a Good Vet for Your Maltipoo near West Palm Beach

When you go to the doctor, you expect nothing less than the best care. The same is true for your dog. It is important to find a reputable veterinarian to take your pooch to. You want to make sure you choose one that is familiar with Maltipoos and is able to handle small breed dogs. Reading their reviews on their website or a search engine will help give you peace of mind that you’ve chosen the right vet. 

Set Boundaries and Guidelines for Family Members and Visitors to Your Home

Everyone has different views on what is right and wrong for a puppy, but in the end the choice is up to the owner on how they want the puppy to be trained. Make sure you talk to the other people in your household and those who may visit during the puppy stages before introducing them to your puppy. This way, they know how you’re training your new pet to ensure that your fur baby doesn’t get confused by different rules. 

Finally, the Puppy Proofing Is Important

A puppy is curious. They will explore any place they can get to. It is important to have gates up to block them from getting to rooms that they aren’t supposed to get to. Try to also be careful of what gets left on the floor, as their belly can be sensitive and you don’t want them getting sick from something they found. Most importantly, understand that there will be puppy hairs left on furniture, so you may want to have a designated spot that is covered with a blanket for your pup to rest comfortably.

Ready to Bring Home a New Maltipoo Near West Palm Beach?

Bringing home a new Maltipoo near West Palm Beach may seem like a lot of work, but the benefits of a brand new friend will be worth it! Contact us today at 561-368-6767 for more tips on how to make the transition as seamless as possible.