You likely have spent time researching what breed of dog you want and maybe even going to meet a few puppies to get to know them. After bringing home your sweet furry new family member, there is still an important decision you have to make: what are you going to name your new puppy? It can be a struggle to find the perfect name for your pup, and since it is going to be something you say often, you want it to be a name the whole family will love. 

Here are some tips on how to choose a fun name for your new puppy.

Keep it Short

It is best to pick a name that is one or two syllables long to help your fur baby learn their name faster. A more complex name can be confusing to your puppy. If you do want to give your dog a fancy name such as Sir Merlin of Camelot, expect to most often just call your dog Merlin. This is because your dog will have a hard time with the longer name, and also because you will get tired of calling out the whole name all the time.

Listen to the Sounds

Dogs can hear high frequency sounds very well, and there are certain consonants and ending vowels that produce those sounds. S, sh, ch, k are all good, sharp, high pitched sounds that will elicit a better response from your pup. Also, a name that ends in a long A or long E sound is ideal. 

The other sounds you want to pay attention to is if the name you want to choose sounds like a command you would give. For instance, Kit sounds like sit and might confuse your dog. Make sure to pick a name that does not sound like another command they would be given in order to mitigate confusion.

Think of the Public

It can be tempting to give your pup a name that you find amusing or is on the naughty side. Keep in mind that you will be taking your dog for walks in public, to the dog park, and even yelling for them outside your door. Consider how the dog’s name will sound to others before settling on it.

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