Dogs add so much to our lives. They are constant and loyal companions who are always happy to see their favorite person or people. They keep us happier and healthier, and people who own dogs tend to live longer. 

Since our furry friends add so much to our lives, it is important that we as owners or future owners work hard to be responsible owners. As a way to raise awareness, Responsible Dog Ownership Day is on the third Saturday of September every year. 

This year, Responsible Dog Ownership Day is on September 21, so let’s take a look at ways we can all be responsible dog and puppy owners. 

  1. Understand the Commitment

While dogs are wonderful additions to your home, they are also a huge commitment. They need love, attention, food, and water. Having a pup also means you need to ensure they can be cared for if you are gone for long periods of time. Before adding a dog to your family, be sure you are ready for the commitment necessary to raise them.

  1. Consider Your Needs

When picking out a dog, it is important you consider what your needs are. If you like to go on 20-mile hikes every weekend, you want to get a breed of dog that would enjoy that as well. If you live in a small apartment and have no backyard, you need to accommodate that. There is a breed of dog to fit every lifestyle, so make a list of your needs and find the right pup to fit in your home.

  1. See the Vet Regularly

Be sure to take your fur baby to their regular vet visits. Also, give them their heartworm and flea medication regularly as the vet advises.

  1. Train Your Dog

Be sure to take the time to train your dog and socialize them. This helps them do well, no matter what environment you have them in, so they’ll feel more safe and secure.

  1. Exercise and Play With Your Puppy

No matter what kind of pooch you add to your home, they need playtime and regular exercise. Be sure you can follow through with that commitment before getting a dog.

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