Known for their intelligence and playfulness, Maltese in Boca Raton make an excellent addition to your family home. They are so very lovable and affectionate! Here are some tips on how to care for your new Maltese puppy.


Socialization in the first few months permanently affects his or her behavior for the rest of their life. It’s best to begin socializing your pup right away by exposing them to new people and places, as well as sights, sounds, scents, and situations. Offer praise and / or treats to encourage their exploration and make it fun. Puppy classes can help socialize your pooch to help them learn how to interact with other dogs.

Feeding / Diet

To help your pooch grow up healthy and strong, provide them with a well-balanced diet designed for Maltese. When choosing food, select a five-star formula made with natural ingredients that are easy to digest. Avoid food with articial ingredients such as coloring, flavoring, or preservatives.


This breed requires regular grooming to help keep their silky coat beautiful and clean. While they’re puppies, Maltese need a full brush once or twice weekly. However, to help them get used to regular grooming, you can brush them more often. Bathe your pup every week or two, though as they get older you can reduce baths to monthly if their skin and coat are healthy and clean. Brush teeth as often as possible, daily is preferred to help protect against tooth decay and heart disease.


Try to walk your pup 40 to 60 minutes daily at a fast pace to help keep their little hearts as healthy as possible. It is best to break this up into two shorter walks, but if your schedule only allows for one walk daily, that is okay.

Car Travel

If you plan to transfer your pup in a car, be sure to use a car seat made specifically for dogs. Just as you would buckle in yourself or your child, your fur baby needs protection as well. Buckling up your Maltese / Maltese mix also helps prevents accidents that could be caused by your pet’s nervous behavior.

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