When taking your Shih Tzu in West Palm Beach out for a walk or play, using a harness instead of a collar has many benefits. While you want your fur baby to wear a collar with ID tags on it when you’re home or in a safe area, harnessing your pet when on a leash is much better for them.

Here are four reasons to use a harness on your Shih Tzu in West Palm Beach.

1. Shih Tzus are prone to tracheal collapse.

Tracheal collapse makes it harder for your pooch to keep air into their lungs. It happens when tracheal rings flatten, which can happen from loss of cartilage strength and / or rigidity or from sagging of their membrane. This condition will worsen over time and can have fatal results, and collars can cause it to progress faster in your Shih Tzu.

2. Shih Tzs are at a higher risk of breathing problems.

As a brachycephalic (short headed) breed, they have a higher rate of dyspnea (difficulty breathing). Other breeds with a brachycephalic conformation include pugs, Pekingese, and English and French bulldogs. These dogs are also often stress and heat intolerant when it comes to exercise due to their breathing issues and may often snore, choke, or gag.

3. Harnesses reduce pressure on the neck, which is essential for this breed because of the aforementioned issues.

Unlike collars, harnesses change the areas where pressure is placed, moving it from the neck, throat, and windpipe to stronger, larger areas able to withstand the pressure, such as the shoulders and back.

4. Harnesses make your Shih Tzu in West Palm Beach easier to control.

This is very important if you’re trying to train a puppy. Harnesses make managing your Shih Tzu so much easier, especially while they’re young. They are an excellent tool to use while helping pups learn how to behave while leashed.

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