A Havanese may seem a bit pricey, but for a well-bred puppy that brings joy to your home for years to come, quality is worth the investment. The intelligent, loving Havanese, traces roots back to 1500s Cuba where it was a popular companion of aristocrats. It found its way to the US in the 1950s and is loved for its good natured personality, beautiful silky coat that doesn’t shed much, and easy care requirements. If you’re looking for a Havanese for sale in Boca Raton, here are some things to know.

Traits of Havanese

Small dogs are sometimes not the best pick for households with children, but not so with this loveable breed. Gentle and friendly, Havanese are known to be good with children and even other pets. They’re also very adaptable to a variety of living situations – especially apartment and condo living, because they tend not to bark much. Relatively easy to train, this breed is a quick learner and likes to play games. 

Financing Options for a Havanese

Many choose to finance a new puppy. At Love My Puppy, you can finance your new pet through Wags Lending. Wags offers competitive interest rates, early payoff options, and fixed monthly payments. Financing through Wags means you can afford the right dog for you, right now.

Finding a Top-Quality Havanese For Sale in Boca Raton

Pricing varies, but in many cases you get what you pay for. Finding a trustworthy local puppy store that sells pedigreed, healthy pups is your best option. At Love My Puppy, we guarantee the health and quality of our puppies. Our experts offer continued support after you bring your new addition home.

If a Havanese for sale is right for you, talk to our puppy experts here at our Boca Raton pet store. We specialize in pairing the right dogs with just the right people – like you! We offer quality, healthy Havanese puppies for sale in Boca Raton, and financing is made easy! Contact us today at 561-368-6767 to learn more about our available pooches.