If you’re looking for a loving and entertaining companion, you might choose a pomeranian for sale in West Palm Beach. Small in size, yet big in personality, poms weigh in at just three to seven pounds. Their soft fur gives them a teddy bear look, and their bright eyes are sure to delight. Considering a pomeranian? Here are some tips to help you choose.

Take Your Time to Get to Know the Puppy

Pomeranians are fun and intelligent when it comes to personality. But each puppy is an individual. Spend time with the puppy you’re considering, and get to know its unique personality. Keep in mind the type of disposition that best suits your home and family. Notice if the puppy is active and outgoing or if it tends to be on the quieter side. Choose a pomeranian with an alert expression and a wagging tail.

Select a Healthy Pomeranian For Sale in West Palm Beach by Looking For these Signs

Of course you want your new companion to be in the best health. Observe the pup you’re considering for signs of illness. Take your new pup to the vet for a look-over soon after you bring them home.

  • Eyes: Look for bright eyes that are clear of any drainage. Avoid pups with dull eyes or red, draining eyes, which may indicate illness.
  • Ears: Carefully look in the ears to notice any presence of dirt or drainage. Ears should be clean and odor free!
  • Mouth: Teeth should be white and the bite should be correct. Look at the gums to be sure they are pink and healthy.
  • Coat: Pomeranians are often compared to little teddy bears. Their soft coat is a delight. Look for any bald or itchy spots that indicate an issue with the skin or coat. 

Select a Pomeranian for sale in West Palm Beach Only From a Reputable Puppy Store

Going to a puppy store that has plenty of experience with pomeranians is key to finding the right pom for you! At Love My Puppy, we love helping match puppies with just the right people. Our experts are available for support even after you bring your new pomeranian home. We guarantee health, and each puppy is pedigreed, so you can be sure that our pomeranians for sale in West Palm Beach are top quality!

If you’re ready to bring home a pom pup, Love My Puppy is THE place to come! Please visit us or call us at (561) 368-6767 today to learn more about our available puppies for sale. We’re here to help the perfect pup find a fur-ever home with you!