Are you ready to be a forever home to one of the sweet little fur babies? Love My Puppy has some very adorable puppies near 33432 available. Here are just two of the cute and friendly puppies ready for a new home.

Meet Snacks, Maltipoo for Sale in 33432 

Snacks, an adorable Maltipoo, was born on December 20, 2020. He’s ready to be welcomed into a new home. Malti-poos are Maltese and poodle crosses with silky hypoallergenic hair and excellent temperaments, making them good companions for families with or without children and other pets. 

Smart and easy to train, a Maltipoo like Snacks is adaptable to many living situations. They love to play and go for walks. Early training and exercise opportunities keeps your Maltipoo a happy and healthy companion for years to come.

Meet Shaggy, Shih Tzu

A Shih Tzu, Shaggy was born on November 25, 2020 and is ready to go home. Shih Tzu are active and affectionate little dogs that were bred since ancient times to be companions. It’s a tiny toy breed with long, soft hypoallergenic hair. Their good nature and friendly demeanor make them well suited to many lifestyles. 

Shaggy is a loving and healthy little guy. If you’re looking for a pet to provide plenty of joy, entertainment, and snuggles, Shaggy may be the right fit for you.

Additional Information About Puppies Near 33432

Maltipoos like Denali and Shih Tzus like Shaggy are intelligent and will do well with early training. Both breeds are good with children, but small children should be supervised to ensure they don’t injure a small pet. Both breeds are long haired and benefit from regular brushing and grooming. 

Many owners opt to keep the hair professionally trimmed, making it easier to keep clean and brushed. The experts at Love My Puppy have extensive experience grooming both breeds and are happy to offer professional grooming services to you and your new addition.

If you’re considering adding a puppy to your household, Love My Puppy provides quality, purebred puppies near 33432 to just the right homes. Love My Puppy guarantees the health of our puppies, so you can be confident bringing one of our puppies home. Our experts are ready to help you find a pet and offer on-going support, so call us today at 561-368-6767.