Pomeranians are a fun and affectionate breed of dog that brings joy to their owners. Belonging to the toy group, these pint-size pooches are easy to care for and even easier to love. They are incredibly and intelligent and loyal. They are great around children and affectionate with family members. Owning a pomeranian is a delightful experience, and here’s why:

Easier to Train

Pomeranians are easier than many other breeds to potty train. They can be trained to use the bathroom according to your preferences, as Poms can be taught to go to the restroom outside, on potty pads, or even in a litter box. Not all dogs are this versatile when it comes to house training.

Poms can learn to do tricks and basic commands with ease. Having an intelligent dog takes away some of the hassle when it comes to obedience. Pomeranians love to please and are easily motivated to learn.

Good Watch Dogs

Pomeranians are good alert dogs. They have a keen sense of hearing and a curious nature. They like to check out and investigate their environment and will alert their owners of approaching strangers. When something unusual wanders into their environment, pomeranians don’t hesitate to alert the family.

Friendly Demeanor

Pomeranians are a friendly, non-aggressive breed of dog. They are cute, cuddly, affectionate, and love being loved. This breed is well-known for their loyalty to their owners.

Poms have a friendly disposition, which allows them to adapt to the other animals in their environment.  Bringing home a new pomeranian and introducing it to the other household animals is nothing to worry about. They generally get along well with cats and other dogs. They are not known to be aggressive. Typically, they fit in to the family very well and don’t cause any problems with other pets.

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