Pomeranians are a beautiful show dog breed and a wonderful pet. They have gorgeous, fluffy coats that come in many different colors, thick undercoats, and soft topcoats. Due to this, they need a lot of grooming! A Pomeranian in West Palm Beach has specific grooming needs to not only keep them looking gorgeous and show-ready but also for their general health and well-being.

Brushing and Shedding a Pomeranian in West Palm Beach

No matter what type of coat a dog has, whether they have hair or fur, regular brushing is always necessary to prevent natural oil build-up and matting. A Pomeranian’s skin is prone to becoming dry and flaky when their coat is not properly cared for. Brushing should be done daily, particularly while shedding, or at least three times per week. Adult Pomeranians will shed twice per year; in the spring they remove their thick winter coat, and in the summer they trade it for a thicker Winter one. Brushing daily during a shed is important for preventing mats.


Over-bathing can remove the natural oils that a Pom’s skin produces to nourish their fur and leave them with dry and itchy skin and weak, damaged fur. Under-bathing can leave them with mats, dirt, and grime stuck within the layers of their fur. So, what’s a happy medium? Bathing should occur at least once every three or four weeks, which should be followed with a full blowdry and brushing. In between baths, care for your Pom’s hygiene by wiping clean any dirt or grime with a moist towel or wipe.

Trimming and Nail Care

A full groom should take place at least once every six to eight weeks. This includes bathing, drying, brushing, trimming the topcoat and anal glands, and nail trimming. No matter how hot it is outside, it’s never a good idea to fully shave a Pomeranian. If they lose their undercoat, they lose their only protection from sunburn.

Grooming for Your Pomeranian in West Palm Beach

Grooming is not just for aesthetics; it’s an important part of maintaining good health and hygiene for your Pomeranian. There’s admittedly a lot to think about when caring for your Pom, but that’s why we’ve devoted ourselves to the continuing care of all our puppies as they find a new home. Rather leave the grooming to the experts? We’re here for you! Call us today to set up a regular grooming schedule or for a one-time groom, and we’ll send you back a happy and healthy pup every time.