When you’re looking for a canine companion who will give you love and affection and will genuinely want to be with you as a lifelong friend, you can’t go wrong with a Yorkshire Terrier. However, friendship is a two-way street, even for dogs. Yorkies have a need to please their humans. In exchange for a lifetime of puppy kisses and love, consider treating your pup to the best life he or she can live. Not sure how to treat your Yorkie in West Palm Beach? Here are some tips for the Yorkie mom or dad.

Healthy equals happy.

These tiny, toy-sized dogs need plenty of exercise to help them maintain good health. A good day of exercise tends to consist of a moderately paced walk and a few bursts of high energy to get their legs running and their hearts pumping. This, paired with a healthy diet and treats given in moderation, will keep their weight where it should be. 

Exercise is also important as a preventative measure to protect a Yorkie’s joint health. Just like their humans, as a Yorkie ages, their joints age along with them. Consider treating your companion to a plush orthopedic doggie bed to keep them comfortably cushioned.

A beautiful coat needs regular maintenance.

Unlike most breeds, Yorkies have hair rather than fur. Hair is great for humans with allergies, or really for anyone who doesn’t care to clean up after a fur shed. With great hair comes the need for a great hairdresser / groomer! Don’t be fooled though, these dogs don’t aren’t higher maintenance than humans. Simply brush their coat once a day to prevent knots, build-up, and greasy patches. Despite the heat, simply give your Yorkie a bath once a week (or less if they’re not dirty) and they’re good to go until their next haircut.

Little dogs, high intelligence.

Simply being mindful of your Yorkie’s high intelligence can do wonders for their happiness. Try to feed their appetite for stimulation and problem-solving at least once a day. Yorkies need social stimulation as well, with people and other dogs. What an easy way to make sure your Yorkie is happy!

Make a commitment to love your Yorkie in West Palm Beach!

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