Why should you buy a Shih Tzu for sale in Boca Raton? There are many, many reasons to add this adorable breed to your home. Whether you’re shopping for a puppy for your responsible kids to care for or want a companion for your single-person home, a Shih Tzu is an excellent choice. The Shih-Tzu is a very lovable breed.

Here are 3 of the very best reasons to make a Shih Tzu for sale in Boca Raton your next family member!

1. Shih Tzus live long, overall healthy lives.

When properly cared for, Shih Tzus have a life expectancy of 15 years or more. That means many happy years creating memories with your fur baby. Of course, the best way to keep your best buddy around as long as possible is to feed them a healthy diet and give them regular exercise. Proper vet care, including regular checkups is essential to help keep away common illnesses in dogs. Shih Tzus don’t cool themselves down as well as other breeds are able to, so be sure to also keep them from overheating to keep them healthy and happy. Regular grooming of their beautiful coats also helps keep vet bills down and health up.

2. Shih Tzus are very domesticated, perfect for a family home.

Shih Tzus have traditionally been bred specifically for domestication. Their gentle, docile demeanor is widely known. This breed is also so loving and affectionate with children of all ages. This makes it the perfect pet for any home. Shih Tzus bond pretty quickly with their humans and love to tag along anywhere they go. Prepare for you Shih Tzu to be overly excited to see you when you get home! Small homes or apartments are no trouble for this breed, as they don’t need much room to roam.

3. There is a lovable Shih Tzu for Sale in Boca Raton waiting for you to bring them home.

Shih Tzus are a popular breed due to their many great traits, so you can easily find Shih Tzus for sale in South Florida. Buy a Shih Tzu, and you will never again worry about how much you are loved! You will be the most important part of their life.