When bringing home a new puppy, there are many items you need to help care for them. Food and water dishes, grooming supplies, healthy food, toys, and a travel kennel to bring them home in are just a few of the essentials for your Maltese in West Palm Beach. You may also need a gate, crate, and pee pads for potty training.

Here are a few more items you need to help your Maltese in West Palm Beach live their best life.

Properly Fitting Harness

Plan on taking your fur baby out for walks? Then you definitely need a well-fitted harness to help ensure your maltese doesn’t manage any escape tricks. You may have to buy several dollars as your puppy continues to grow.

Collar and ID Tag

Even if you don’t plan on going for walks or visits to the dog park, a collar with a dog tag helps provide peace of mind. In the event that your dog somehow manages to get out of your house or yard, the ID tag on a collar dramatically increases the likelihood that your pet will safely return to your home.

Cozy Bed

Unless you want your pooch cuddled up with you every night or sleeping on the floor, then a place to sleep of their own is a must. A comfy bed provides a great place for your fur baby to rest and retreat when needed. A dog bed also helps to keep pets pain free, since sleeping on the floor may lead to stiff, achy joints.


Many people use dog treats to help train their pets. Whether you want to reward your pooch for a job well done after they go to the bathroom outside instead of in, or you want to teach your dog new tricks, treats are a great way to tell them that you’re happy with them. We recommend Stella & Chewy treats for optimum nutrition.

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