If your favorite furry friend that walks on all fours is a toy poodle, you’re in for a treat. Poodles are a proud, outgoing breed that were originally used to hunt geese, ducks, and other water fowl. Here in Boca Raton, we know exactly how playful these precious pooches can be by the water. They have abounding energy and are excellent watchdogs, which makes them a perfect addition to any family, especially with children.

Luckily for those with allergies, the toy poodle has a beautiful coat of hair rather than fur. This means that all of that dense, curly, beautiful coat of hair continues to grow rather than shed. Imagine growing out kinky, curly hair that you can’t brush by yourself on a daily basis. You’d probably want to keep your hair cut nice and neat, right?

Toy Poodles Need Regular Dog Grooming Every 2 to 3 Weeks

Just like you frequently see your hairdresser, your toy poodle needs to regularly see a dog groomer. To prevent loose hair and tangles from turning into a matted mess, you should take your toy poodle in for dog grooming at the minimum every three weeks. Regular grooming keeps your pup cool in the Southern Florida heat, and nail trimming can help prevent joint damage leading to arthritis.

Toy poodle puppies are born with silky soft, wavy hair that stays with them until they’re around nine months old. Around nine months of age, their coat undergoes about a nine-month long shift from soft, silky puppy hair to the curly coat that they are known for. It’s vitally important to continue to regularly brush your puppy’s hair with a pin brush during these nine months as the hair is more prone to matting than ever.

Our puppy store offering dog grooming in Boca Raton, Florida will not only help to maintain your poodle’s hair but treat them with products that will keep them looking and feeling their best. We know the best shampoos and conditioners to restructure your pooch’s coat by bonding the shaft of each hair to improve daily manageability until the next time you visit.

We cut your little poodle’s hair however you prefer, from trims to shaves. Your pooch will leave feeling pampered after a bath and blow dry, as well as ear cleaning. Other services including nail clippings are available as well.

Let Love My Puppy Dog Groomers in Boca Raton Treat Your Toy Poodle in Our Pet Salon

Tired of trying to tame your pooch’s mane by yourself and having your furry best friend get frustrated with you? Let us put the work into your toy poodle’s proper grooming care and your dog will love you all the more! Call Love My Puppy today at (561) 368-6767 for an appointment with one of our groomers experienced with toy poodles near West Palm Beach.