Pomeranian puppies are adorable and charming. So, if they beg you for some of your food, you may be tempted to share with them. But, what foods can a pomeranian puppy eat? Read on to learn about which human foods you can give Pomeranians in Boca Raton.

Do Pomeranians Have Any Particular Digestion Concerns?

While some dogs can eat anything they want, other pups are prone to stomach issues if they eat anything other than dog food. While these tendencies can correlate with certain breeds, specific dogs can have digestion issues, regardless of breed. 

The Pomeranian is prone to a sensitive stomach. As a result, it is best that you do not give your pup too much human food. When you do provide human food to your dog, do so in moderation. You should also stop giving your dog a certain food if they have a bad reaction to it.

Here Are “People” Foods Safe for Your Pom Pup


Apples are a common treat for Pomeranians. They are rich in fiber, glucose, and several vitamins. They can even act as a natural toothbrush for your canine’s canines. 


Fresh bananas are a good choice for a pomeranian snack. While they are too small to eat the whole piece of fruit, a few slices can provide healthy fatty acids and potassium.


Unseasoned broccoli is a great choice for your pup whether it is cooked or raw. It offers fiber and vitamin C. 


Protein is great for your Pomeranian, so hard boiled eggs are a great treat. They can even be a good snack if your pup is suffering from stomach issues.


This fish is another great option for your Pom. De-bone and fully cook the fish before giving it to your dogs. It is best to avoid adding any seasoning or fats to the fish when you cook it. Certain spices can be harmful to dogs.

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