As a pet parent, you are very attuned to any behaviors that seem out of the ordinary. So, if you notice your French bulldog snoring you may want to know if this is normal behavior or if it is something you need to worry about. Here is everything you need to know about snoring and your Frenchie in Delray Beach. 

Is it Normal For a Frenchie to Snore?

It is totally normal for a French bulldog to snore. Often, these dogs will also snort or make snoring sounds when they are awake. The only time a French bulldog would not snore is if it undergoes a special surgery to widen its nostrils.

Why Does a Frenchie Snore?

A French Bulldog is a brachycephalic dog breed. These breeds have a mutation that alters facial bone growth, and this gives them a short muzzle and flat face. Some other examples of brachycephalic breeds are pugs, English bulldogs, Boston terriers, and boxers.

This face shape causes smaller nostrils, and this makes these breeds prone to snores and other nasal sounds.  In some cases, snoring can be a bad sign, but it is typically not an indication of anything wrong.

When Do I Need to Worry About My Frenchie in Delray Beach Snoring?

You only need to worry about snoring if it seems to suddenly increase in frequency. If you are concerned about your Frenchie snoring, you should take them to visit the vet. 

How Can I Reduce the Amount My Frenchie Snores?

There are a few things you can try if you want to help your Frenchie less. Try modifying your dog’s sleeping position or bed. Often, keeping your dog’s head elevated will reduce snoring. You should also get your pup tested for allergies, since allergies can exacerbate snoring. If they do turn out to have allergies, make sure to clean your dog’s bed regularly and try using a humidifier. 

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