Havanese puppies embody all the traits of a loyal companion that most pet owners look for in dog breeds. They are easy to train, highly energetic, extremely enthusiastic, and have eth desire to please their owners. You just have to keep a few grooming tips in mind.

i) Brushing</h3?
It is best practice to brush your Havanese in Boca Raton daily. One effective way to do this is by lightly spraying one area of your dog’s coat with a fine mist sprayer. (Add 1 tbsp of conditioner with the water, or just use plain water). It is worth noting that using a dry brush on its own is going to break their coat.
Start brushing once the spraying is over. It is important to reach the deeper layers of their coat right down to the skin because mats will form near the skin.

ii) Line Brush Your Havanese in Roca Baton

Line brushing is easy to do and leaves your Havanese’s coat looking full and soft. To do it right, it requires a complaint dog and a patient owner. You will have to secure your dog to their grooming table by using a harness or grooming noose. Start grooming at the lowest point on the body that has a full coat.
Mist your Havanese’s hair until it is damp to the touch. Make sure to brush the fur along the direction of hair growth with a soft bristle brush. This important step will separate any hair that have become stuck together.
It is good practice to work with a small area at a time slowly and patiently to avoid the loss of hair. If there is a good chance that you will encounter knots along their fur. In this case, simply untangle each knot with your finger, gently pulling the hairs from the center outward. With the knots out of the way, you can proceed to comb their hair. It is recommended to use a mat-and-tangle comb, a special tool that prevents skin injury.

iii) Eye Care

It is typical for Havanese dogs to tear excessively. These tears need to be cleaned with a mixture of salt and water. Use a piece of cotton to dry the tears once you start noticing them. If you notice your Havanese dog tearing a lot more than normal, then try to tie the head hair in a top knot to prevent it from dropping over their eyes. This can be a relatively painful process if not handled carefully, we recommend going to a professional groomer if you’re not properly trained.

iv) Pedicure and Manicure

The taller your Havanese in Roca Baton grows, the longer the tufts of hair between their toes. This may completely cover their paw and make them feel uncomfortable. Excessive growth of hair around the tuft will inhibit their movement. Make sure to monitor your Havanese’s feet to ensure they are hair free. Speaking of paws, their nails should be monitored as well.
For the most part, they should not grow too long to the point that they’re touching the ground. Make sure to maintain their nails at the proper length. Use specially designed dog nail clippers to cut any part of the nail that could be touching the ground. As a general rule of thumb, never let your Havanese’s nails curl into the ground because it is painful. If bleeding occurs while you cut their nails, simply apply an ice pack on the cut.
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