Frenchies have soared in popularity over the years for obvious reasons; they are smart, quiet, strong, and highly adaptable. These brilliant and complex canines are prized for their ability to shower unconditional love for their owners.
If you’re on the fence about adopting one, check out the following 7 reasons to adopt French bulldogs in Florida.

1. Frenchies are Incredibly Loving

French bulldogs possess a loving and upbeat personality that makes them perfect companions at home. Prepare to feel truly loved because these canines epitomize valuable traits such as affection, loyalty, and obedience.

2. They’re Quiet and Gentle

Most dog breeds are a loud bunch. When they’re not screaming to crave your attention, they can be found competing in a barking contest with the neighbor’s dogs. This does not apply to French bulldogs in Florida who are relatively reserved when it comes to noise levels. For the most part, they will only bark to announce visitors nearing the house.

3. Neither Too Small nor Too Large

It isn’t unheard of for incredibly tiny canines (aka Chihuahuas) to slip out of your house and into the road where its easy get preyed upon. On the other end of the spectrum are massive dogs such as the Great Dane which stands at 30 inches tall, which may pose a threat to owners and guests alike. Most French bulldogs in Florida are in the ‘Goldilocks zone’ when it comes to size, neither too big nor too small.
This way, they never intimidate you or your guests and you never run the risk of losing sight of them.

4. Easier to Care For

If you don’t know much about dogs but want to own one, we recommend starting with French bulldogs because they are comfortable to handle and very easy to train. Their calm temperaments and high intelligence make them worthy companions for training sessions, and you can train them for various competitions in a shorter period than other canines. Other dogs may require a bit more training since they’re a little less obedient.

5. Frenchies Naturally Resist the Cold

French bulldogs have stout bodies with multiple layers of body fat. Their natural coat makes them less sensitive during winters. You will face fewer challenges when walking your French bulldog during the cold.

6. Quirky and Uplifting Personality

French bulldogs in Florida make funny faces that could go a long way in uplifting your mood for the day. Their quirky expressions can work perfectly for you if you are struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety and stress. Your little Frenchie will come to your rescue and let your thoughts wander off.

7. Make for Excellent Security

Although they are characterized by a gentle and calm demeanor, French bulldogs in Florida can get ferocious and aggressive when dealing with unwanted strangers. Despite their relatively smaller size, French bulldogs have enough energy to scare away unauthorized personnel from your premises. In other words, they act as your very own guard for your home with no extra charges.