Owning a dog is a big undertaking, and you owe it to your beloved pet to care for them properly. When it comes to dog grooming in Boca Raton, you should fully understand what the process entails. Leaving your dog ungroomed can lead to fleas, ticks, and much more.

Let’s take a look at 5 dog grooming tips that pet owners need to know.

  • Have Everything On Hand

Depending on what type of dog you have, there may be different supplies that you should keep on hand. A dog with a short coat requires different brushes and products than a dog with long fur. A bristle brush works for most coats of fur. Nail clippers assist with trims between professional grooming.

  • Routine Brushing

Start brushing your dog at an early age and establish a routine. Ideally, you want to brush your dog at least once every couple of days.

  • Shampooing

The shampoo you use in your own shower is not what works best for fur, as you could end up damaging the quality of your pup’s fur. Be sure to select a shampoo and conditioner made specifically for the needs of dogs.

  • Nails

When you notice your pet’s nails are getting long, it is time to trim them. Make sure you use pet nail trimmers made specifically for dogs, and don’t go too short. You could end up damaging the nail bed or hurting your beloved pooch.

Hire A Professional Dog Groomer in Boca Raton

Whether you don’t have time to do it yourself or just choose to have someone with professional training and experience groom your fur baby, you can hire an expert groomer. We offer bath and blowouts, nail clipping, dematting, and more grooming services here at our convenient location on North Federal Highway.

Grooming your pet on a regular basis not only keeps them looking nice, but it also helps keep them healthy. If you have any questions regarding grooming, you can ask your trusted veterinarian for advice, or contact our professional groomers here at Love My Puppy. Call us today at 561-368-6767!