A lot of people love dogs, especially little ones! These fuzzy, playful pooches steal hearts with their gentle dispositions and adorable faces. If you’re a pet parent (or considering becoming one), then you know how important it is to make sure your dog has all the supplies they need – supplies like food, water, a bed and especially toys!

Every dog is an individual, so choosing a toy can be tricky. You have to keep in mind the personal taste of each dog, the durability of the toy, if it has a squeaker or not, and other considerations. Never fear – here are some tips to help you out!

Bring your dog to Love My Puppy with you and let them pick out their favorite one. That way, you know your fur-baby will actually use the toy you buy them. If you can’t get to the physical store, you can always shop online. We have a wide selection of novelty toys for every puppy! These soft, plush toys will entertain dog and owner alike with their creative designs.

Still not sure which toy to choose? Consider one that makes noise! Some dogs don’t care about a toy unless it stimulates them by squeaking or ringing. Keep that in mind while you search!

Having a small dog means you should get a small toy. For maximum fun, consider a toy that’ll fit comfortably in your furry friend’s mouth.

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Your puppy’s new favorite toy is just around the corner! If you live in South Florida, consider stopping by our puppy store to pick one up. While you’re here, check out our selection of adorable puppies for sale, as well as other useful supplies for pet owners including fashionable pet carriers! If you have any questions about how to choose toys for your small breed dog, call Love My Puppy at (561) 368-6767, and we will can you make the best decision for your furbaby.