Mini goldendoodle puppies are quickly becoming a favorite for all dog lovers everywhere. They are favorites in the dog community because they are friendly, energetic, intelligent and trainable. These puppies are perfect family dogs or great for anyone that wants a fun loving and smart companion.

Attributes of Mini Goldendoodles

A mini goldendoodle is the combination of a golden retriever crossed with a miniature or toy poodle. They are small to medium size dogs. Some of the characteristics that make them so popular are:

  1. Size – Height around 13 – 20 inches and weight of 15 – 35 pounds
  2. Gentle temperament – non-aggressive, loving, loyal, and very social
  3. Hypoallergenic – low shedding, as close to allergen free as you can find, and low maintenance grooming
  4. Moderately active – require a routine of 20 – 30 minutes of daily exercise
  5. Trainable – easy to train, eager to please, and very smart

What to Expect With a Mini Goldendoodle

As your mini goldendoodle grows, these dogs quickly adapt to any lifestyle. Not only are they good with adults and children, but they are also great with other pets. So, if you have other furry friends, then a mini goldendoodle is a perfect addition!

They enjoy daily walks, so find the nearest park and enjoy nature with your new walking partner. An endearing quality is that they do not bark often and are calm and quiet. However, that quality does not make this breed a great candidate for watchdog!

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