If you’re a proud parent of a Maltese or planning to bring one into your household, you’ll want to take the very best care of your fur baby. The Maltese is an affectionate and enjoyable companion. Their small size, hypoallergenic coat, and temperament make them excellent pets for a variety of households. Here’s what you need to know about caring for a Maltese in Boca Raton, so you and your pet can enjoy many healthy years together.

Here’s How to Care for the Coat of Your Maltese in Boca Raton

Maltese have a soft, silky coat that sheds very minimally, making them great companions for allergy sufferers. The long coat does need care. Daily brushing to keep it clean and mat-free helps your pup look its best and stay healthy. 

They Have Regular Grooming Needs

Most owners take their Maltese for regular grooming. The long coat is usually kept trim to make daily brushing easier. Establishing a regular, trusted relationship makes trips to the groomer less stressful and more enjoyable for your pooch. In addition to a haircut, they’ll also get a bath to cleanse and condition the coat. Talk to your groomer to find a grooming schedule that’s right for your pet.

Don’t Forget Care for the Nails and Teeth

Long nails are painful, so it’s essential to keep the nails trim. If you’re not comfortable trimming nails, this is something a groomer handles as well. Also, dogs need dental care just like people, so frequent teeth brushing keeps the teeth and gums healthy. Use only toothpaste meant for dogs.

Keep Your Maltese in Boca Raton a Healthy Weight

Feeding the right amount of high quality food helps keep your pet slim and healthy. Maltese love to play, so providing ample playtime with toys and going for walks with you gives them the exercise they need to be healthy.

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