This holiday season, welcome a loveable Havanese puppy into your home. These fun, long-haired companions are the perfect addition to your household. Weighing in at just seven to thirteen pounds, Havanese are a smaller breed that is well suited to many living situations. Our Havanese in Boca Raton are ready to find loving homes.

About Havanese

Bred as a companion dog in Cuba, the Havanese loves to be around its family. If you’re looking for a constant companion, this is the breed for you. They fit right into apartment living or even life out in the country. Havanese love to be with their owners, so they’re not well suited to being kept out in the yard alone or left for long periods of time. They are also smart and energetic. Havanese is a wonderful breed for a family, but care must be taken to teach children how to be gentle with their small friend.

Caring for Your Havanese in Boca Raton

  • Grooming: The long, silky coat benefits from frequent brushing to keep it beautiful and healthy. Many owners like to keep the coat trimmed as well. Keep their nails trimmed as well. A regular grooming schedule with Love My Puppy keeps your Havanese looking its best!
  • Exercise: Walks and plenty of playtime are just what your pet needs to keep it fit and active. Havanese are full of fun and enjoy playing with you. If you’re looking for a companion, the Havanese loves to be with its family.
  • Feeding: Healthy food and in just the right amount keeps your Havanese a healthy weight. This breed needs high-quality proteins and about 400 calories per day as an adult.
  • Training: Efforts put into training your puppy pay off, as they are a very cooperative breed that loves to please their owners. So, you’ll have a loveable, mannerly companion with the right training.

If you’re ready to bring a Havanese into your home this holiday season, Love My Puppy has Havanese in Boca Raton for sale.Please visit our puppy store or call us today at (561) 368-6767 for more information on our available puppies, as well as our large selection of pet care supplies!