We all know how much joy our dogs add to our lives. They offer us hours of fun, unconditional love, protection, and so much more. They truly are a part of our family! Our pups are something worth celebrating, and fortunately, there is a day to do just that! National Pet Day, April 11, 2019, is just around the corner. Have you planned how you are going to celebrate with your pooch? They deserve to have a great day, so here are some suggestions!

Visit to the Dog Park

A visit to your local dog park is a great way to celebrate National Pet Day! Your puppy will get a chance to play with their pup pals. You also will get to spend quality time with your favorite pup on their special day.

Fun Gifts

You know what your dog loves! Visit your local pet store and get them their favorite treats, a new blanket, or some new toys.

“Yappy Hour” Visit

If you have a local dog bakery, they may have a “Yappy Hour” celebration with socialization for your dog and some yummy treats, too! Your dog will love this.

Cute Photo Shoot

You can commemorate National Pet Day with a fun puppy photo shoot. Grab your phone or camera and catch some pics of your dog leaping through the air after their favorite ball or relaxing in the grass while enjoying the breeze.

Puppy Massage

We all love a good massage. So will your dog! Give your dog a nice massage around their joints. This will make them feel good, and give you both quality time together.

A Nice Dog Grooming

If your dog likes to be brushed and pampered, get them groomed for National Pet Day! They will love getting a little extra attention and feel great when they are all brushed out.

Lots of Love

No matter what you decide to do on National Pet Day, be sure to show your puppy lots of love!

Companionship, With the Gift of a New Puppy

We have new puppies coming in all the time, so you can find the perfect pooch for your family. If you’re searching for a puppy for sale in Boca Raton, call us today at 561-368-6767.