Poodles are extremely intelligent dogs. In fact, they are so smart that they can sometimes get themselves out of doing what they are supposed to. This is why it is important to occupy your pup’s active mind with plenty of tricks. Beyond being good enrichment, tricks are also plenty of fun for you and your pooch. Here are some fun and useful tricks to teach your toy poodle in West Palm Beach.

1. Teach Your Toy Poodle in West Palm Beach to Speak

This command is fun, and it can even be useful if you are looking for your dog and need an audible clue.

2. Kiss

Kisses on command are good for everyone and so worth it!

3. Shake

Not only is this command adorable, it is also one of the easier tricks to teach. This is another trick that requires you reinforcing a behavior that your pup likely already does. Do this with treats and verbal commands.

4. Roll Over

This command actually requires that your toy poodle pup knows a few commands before getting to this one. They will need to know how to sit and lie down first.

5. Teach Your Toy Poodle in West Palm Beach to Play Dead

A more complex command, this one is worth the effort. Depending on your mini poodle’s preference, you may even find it easier to teach your dog this trick backwards.

6. Watch Me

This is a great way to get your dog to focus if they are in an overwhelming environment. This command also makes a great party trick!

7. Lap

This command directs your dog towards your lap. This can be useful if you need to clip your dog’s toe nails or lie still while you hold them for other reasons.

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