Morkies may not have gained popularity in the same way that other small dog breeds like yorkies, corgis, and chihuahuas have, but they could very well be the next big thing. As the result of breeding between maltese and yorkies, morkies possess all the positive characteristics of smaller dogs, but they also come with their own unique advantages. Read on to learn more about what morkies have to offer and discover if they’re the right match for your home. Just be warned, you may be so excited that you start looking at puppies for sale Boca Raton immediately after!

There’s More Variation Than in Their Parent Breeds

Yorkies and maltese have been bred for generations, and that means that you can generally know what to expect from them both in terms of looks and personality. But since morkies come from both bloodlines, there’s a lot more differentiation in how they act and look. And pet parents can expect each member of a litter to express their own personality and come with a distinct aesthetic style.

One thing that tends to stay universal throughout members of this family is their energy level. Despite their small size, they’re active little creatures, and you can expect them to shower you and your family with attention while also expecting that level of focus and affection to be reciprocated.

Morkies Are Great For a Wide Range of Households

Morkies may be active, but that doesn’t mean that they’re a hassle to take care of. The morkie was explicitly bred to be a lapdog, and the results are a breed of dog that’s perfect for anyone from senior citizens to families with small children. Their small size means that they can live comfortably even inside modest apartments, while their cuddly and affectionate nature and lush fur means that they can serve as a loyal lapdog and therapy pet in a pinch.

Morkies Get Along With Everyone

Small dogs, especially teacup breeds, have something of a reputation in mixed pet households. Many take umbrage to the introduction of other dogs and cats into their territory and respond with the sort of ferocity you’d expect from a German shepherd. Others are inclined to yap and growl at any human guests you have. That’s rarely the case with morkies. They have a reputation for being amiable, and that makes them a great choice if you already have dogs or cats in your house or are considering folding new additions into your household later down the line.

Morkies may not be recognized as a formal breed by the American Kennel Club (yet!), but they certainly deserve their position in the spotlight. These dogs combine some of the best aspects of their forebears and bring a whole lot of personality to the mix to boot. If you’re curious about puppies for sale in Boca Raton, make a call to Love My Puppy at (561) 368-6767, and ask about our morkies available.