A brand new puppy can be an exciting addition to your family. However, if your puppy starts throwing up, that excitement can turn into worry. Luckily, if you know what to do in this situation, you can make everything less scary. Here is what you should do if your new puppy near West Palm Beach throws up.

Know When to Be Worried

If your puppy is vomiting, you do not always need to be worried, but it is important for you to know when to worry. If your puppy is under six months old, vomiting can be concerning, since they can easily become dehydrated and because their immune systems may be more vulnerable. If your puppy is vomiting repeatedly or vomiting blood or bile, this is also concerning. 

In other cases, your puppy may just be sick because they ate something they should not, due to motion sickness, or because they ate their food too fast. No matter what the cause, it is a good idea to check with your vet.

Go to the Vet

Even if you are pretty sure that the cause of the vomit is not serious, it is still a good idea to check with your vet. They may be able to determine a cause more easily than you are, and they can prescribe possible solutions. 

Examine the Vomit

While this step may not sound fun, it is vital that you look at your puppy’s vomit carefully. Look for any signs of forgein objects, blood, or bile. This can help you determine how serious the vomiting is, and it helps you provide more information to the vet. 

Feed Strategically

Often, puppies may eat too quickly, or they may have trouble transitioning to a new food. You can combat some of these issues by feeding your puppy frequent little meals. This minimizes them gobbling their food. Your puppy may also be struggling with a change in food. Make sure you are slowly transitioning your puppy’s food from old to new by mixing the two together in an increased ratio. 

Meet Your New Puppy Near West Palm Beach

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