So, you have recently added a Yorkshire Terrier to your home, affectionately known as a Yorkie. Being a Yorkie parent is a wonderful and rewarding experience. Well known for their tiny stature and energetic behavior, this breed is treasured for its gentleness and loyalty. Here are 7 fun facts about these terriers you may not know.

1. Yorkies make fantastic watch dogs and are the first to alert you when someone enters or approaches your home. Don’t mistake this tendency to bark as a flaw. Though small, Yorkies are wonderful protectors of their human families.

2. Yorkies are a highly sought-after breed. In 2016, the American Kennel Club (AKC) listed them as the 7th most popular dog in America. If you already own a Yorkie, you know why – they are active, curious, and very loving with an easy-going temperament.

3. Seemingly unaware of how small they are, Yorkies are known to take on much larger opponents – animals and humans alike. This is due to their tenacious loyalty and bravery.

4. Yorkies typically live 13 to 16 years. Regular vet check-ups, staying up to date on immunizations, and taking preventative medications like heartworm pills are all contributing factors to a long and healthy life for your cherished pet.

5. Yorkies are prone to dental disease, as are many other types of small dogs. With a small jaw, teeth can become crowded and plaque and tartar buildup can begin to cause periodontal disease. No need to worry, though. Simply brush your pup’s teeth regularly, and be sure to only use special dog toothpaste.

6. If you suffer from anxiety or other mental health condition, your pet may pull double duty and function as your treatment. Because they crave attention, Yorkies make great therapy dogs. In fact, the very first therapy dog ever used was a Yorkshire Terrier.

7. Unlike other dogs, Yorkies have hair, not fur. This means they need to be brushed daily, as well as groomed on a regular basis. We offer grooming in Boca Raton to make your life with your pet much easier.

With these amazing facts about beloved Yorkshire Terriers, it is not surprising that they are so popular. If you have questions about how best to care for your Yorkie, please call Love My Puppy today at (561) 368-6767. To view our Yorkies for sale in Boca Raton, stop by our conveniently located pet adoption center on North Federal Highway #1 today.