Getting a new puppy is such a fun experience in life. They are energetic, curious, and so ready to love their new family. Are you considering adding a new puppy, such as a Havapoo or Shih-Tzu to your home? Or have you recently added one? Your new puppy has a lot of needs to be met and training that needs to be done. If you do not take advantage of this time when they are young, they will be hard to train later. 

Here are 3 mistakes people make when they get a new puppy.

  • Not Socializing Your Puppy

Puppies really begin to make significant developments socially from seven weeks all the way to four months old. If you allow your puppy to be a loner, they may potentially always have issues with socialization. While they are still little, be sure to take them to the dog park or get together with your fellow dog-loving friends often, so that your puppy can have a chance to learn how to interact with new dogs well.

  • Underestimating The Amount of Time They Need

It is easy to think about how much fun having a puppy will be. It is harder to think about the amount of time that they take. There is feeding, walking, and play time. This is in addition to the time it takes to potty train them, clean up after them, and crate train them. Before you get a puppy, you need to decide if you and your family are able to put the time into them that they need to thrive.

  • Using a Crate as Punishment

Crate training your dog can relieve stress off of both of you. The crate provides them with a space of their own to be able to relax in, while giving you peace of mind that your shoes are not being chewed on while you are at work. Since your dog may spend a considerable amount of time in a crate, you want the crate to be an area they do not dread. If you begin using it to punish them, they will dread going into it and it can create behavior problems.

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