Should my puppy sleep in my bed? It continues to be a hot debate, and there are pros and cons to all answers though it ultimately depends on a number of factors. Here’s what experts have to say on this topic.

Should My Puppy Sleep in My Bed? Why or Why Not?

Whether or not your puppy will benefit from sharing your bed ultimately depends on your specific circumstances. If you find that the pros apply more than the cons, then it should be safe. So, what are those pros and cons?

Pros to cuddling up with your pup at night:

  • Can provide a safe, secure feeling for your dog
  • Creates a strong bond between you and your dog
  • Helps to establish and sync bedtimes sooner
  • May have a positive affect on your mental health

And, unfortunately, the cons:

  • Can disrupt your sleep
  • Could trigger allergies
  • Increases potential for separation anxiety
  • Risk of injury, especially in smaller breeds

When Is It Okay for Them to Join Me in Bed?

There’s not necessarily a wrong or right time for your puppy to join you in bed. The answer to your question, “Should my puppy sleep in my bed,” really depends on multiple factors. If you wish to play it safe, here’s what you can do.

Get them comfortable with their own crate or bed first, establishing a sleeping spot that’s different from yours. You can even move their crate or bed closer overtime. Placing their bed onto your own is another option, combining the best of both worlds.

This training and transitioning should occur over one to two years, getting them out of that stubborn, habit-forming stage. Bottom line, though: if your puppy responds well to co-sleeping and it doesn’t trigger aggression, codependency, or other unwanted behaviors, give it a shot! If it does, redirect them to their crate or bed as their safe sleeping space.

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