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Onyx ( Cockapoo)

Gender: Female

DOB; 7-10-22


Cocker Spaniel
Brave and a hard worker, the American Cocker Spaniel is ideal as a gundog or as a household pet. Gentle, sweet, and cheerful, this breed is of average intelligence and respects its master’s authority. Loyal, amusing, and charming with an ever-wagging tail, it is playful, active, and trustworthy, but needs constant socializing while still young to prevent shyness. Cockers that know their place is under humans are friendly with children. They need firm, loving leadership as well as daily exercise to be happy and friendly to everyone. Cockers will live well in an apartment with adequate exercise. They are relatively active indoors and need only a small yard. They are not suitable for living outside alone in a kennel.

Toy Poodle
The Toy Poodle is said to be one of the most trainable breeds, being remarkably intelligent and highly responsive. The breed is cheerful, sweet, perky, and full of life, always enjoying the company of people. The Toy Poodle is equally amusing, keen, and delightful, making it a breed that requires constant socializing. For their size, the breed is suitable as a watchdog and it typically holds great relationships with other pets and dogs. Though the little dog is friendly with children, it is recommended for older children who possess leadership skills. Owners need to be their dog’s steady, confident, consistent pack leader, offering daily physical and mental exercise for the dog to emerge as a trustworthy, mentally stable pet. Toy Poodles are ideal for both city and country living. With enough exercise, they will not be as active inside. They love lying with their owners and are calmer indoors, although they love to go outside and are an incredibly smart breed, so they do love having their minds stimulated through thoughtful activities. Even without a yard, they will do okay. They are active and need a daily walk so daily play will have their exercise needs under control. Even so, similar to other breeds, play alone will not support their primal walking instinct. They enjoy a good adventure in a safe open space off lead which can be a wide, fenced-in yard. These active dogs shed little to no hair, hence are suitable for those suffering from allergies.


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