Just like babies, puppies go through a teething phase. It can be a difficult time for your puppy – and for you! If you’re wondering, “How do I get my Maltese puppy to stop chewing,” keep reading. It’s not as difficult as you might think.

So, How Do I Get My Maltese Puppy to Stop Chewing?

Your puppy chews on things while teething because the process can be itchy and uncomfortable for them. Don’t get mad! They are just doing what they can to find relief. Instead, take the time to do the following to help your pooch transition from baby teeth to adult teeth with ease:

  • Puppy-proof your house. Actually, proofing your home is something that should be done at any stage in a dog’s life. Wrap electrical cords, put away anything you don’t want to be chewed, and make sure small objects are out of reach. Aside from furniture, your Maltese should only have access to things that belong to them.

  • Supervise. To use the same analogy, you can’t leave a puppy unsupervised any more than you should leave a baby alone. If you cannot be by your puppy’s side, make sure they have a safe area to contain them. Indoor pet playpens are perfect for this.

  • Have the right toys. Chew toys that are safe for your Maltese puppy are crucial while they’re teething. They are small dogs, so their toys should be size appropriate. Toys with tiny nubs are great for teething puppies.

  • When you catch your Maltese puppy chewing, interrupt them nicely. The urge to chew while teething is natural and shouldn’t be considered bad behavior, so don’t speak harshly to your puppy. Instead, interrupt the chewing.

  • Redirect their attention to something they’re allowed to chew. Get your puppy’s attention, and show them what they can chew on. This should be done immediately, so have chew toys readily available. Once your puppy takes the toy, be sure to give them praise.

I’m Ready to Adopt a Maltese Puppy! Where Is the Best Place to Go?

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