The first 30 days as a new puppy parent is very exciting. It can also be very challenging. Puppies are cute and playful but also can require a lot of patience. You may question your puppy parenting skills, and that is ok! Here is what to expect in the first 30 days.

New Puppy Week 1

Your new little bundle of fluff is home, and now it’s time to for the craziness to begin. Let the adjusting of the puppy period begin. He/she will need to adjust to their new surroundings. Follow the little pup around, making sure they won’t be getting into any mischief. Remember puppies can be sneaky, so keep a close eye. 

Your new little one will be full of energy, and remember puppies have small bladders, so he/she will also be full of fluids. Make sure you stay consistent on taking your puppy to potty. House training is usually the biggest obstacle within the first 30 days. Your puppy is still a baby, so in the middle of the night, accidents will happen. 

Your little guy is a growing dog, he/she will be hungry and want to eat. Remember not to overfeed by researching how much food your puppy needs to have. Be prepared for the puppy eyes, and don’t give in. Be encouraging, consistent  and patient. You got this!

Week 2 With Your New Puppy

You’ve survived the week! By now your puppy will be comfortable in his new home, even test the limits a little bit. Your puppy is getting a little bigger, so that means a little more curious and mischievous. They might discover your favorite shoe is their new favorite chew toy. Chew Toys are a favorite amongst puppies who are teething. Stay consistent with the training.  They are learning new things everyday. 

Weeks 3 and 4 With Your Puppy

By now, you are all getting adjusted and you think maybe you have this fur baby parenting thing down.Your pooch is likely more playful and requires a lot of attention and love. Keep your puppy active. 

Make sure your puppy is up to date on all vaccinations before socializing. He/ she may start to follow some commands. Puppies are smart and aim to please. They love making their puppy parents proud. Continue to teach your puppy and enjoy all the magical moments dogs will bring into your life. 

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