A new French bulldog, or Frenchie near Delray Beach is a fantastic addition to your family! But, before you bring your new pooch home, you must make sure that you have everything you need to help your new friend feel comfortable. Here is a list of what you will need for your Frenchie.

1. Food and Bowls for Your Frenchie Near Delray Beach

Find out what kind of food your puppy is already eating, and buy the same kind. You should do this even if you are planning to feed the puppy a new type of food to transition your pup by mixing the two together in increasing ratios. Get food and water bowls that are a good size for a Frenchie

2. Harness, Collar, and Other Walk Supplies

A comfy harness and collar are very important for getting your dog used to walking with you. Make sure that you get these items in the correct size for your Frenchie. Do not forget any other supplies you may need, such as a leash and bags or even treats. 

3. A Crate and Gates

A crate should be considered to be a safe space for your pup that can also be useful for potty training. Gates can be used for blocking off parts of your home that a dog should not access and setting boundaries in general. It is a good idea to get a crate that is adjustable, so that you can continue to use it as your dog grows. 

4. Toys for Your Frenchie Near Delray Beach

Toys are fun and enriching for your friend. Get them a few different kinds to determine what they like. Make sure to get some toys that are designed to be chewed. 

5. Beauty Tools

Your new friend deserves some great beauty tools, such as a brush, a toothbrush, and nail clippers. A brush will help contain the amount your dog sheds and improve the quality of their coat. 

6. Puppy-Proofing Supplies

Preparing your home for your new family member means making safety your number one priority. Remove any hazards from the areas where your puppy can reach. Stow cords safely, secure breakable items, hide or rehome poisonous plants, and store cleaning supplies. 

Get Supplies for Your Frenchie Near Delray Beach From Our Boca Pet Store

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