Your puppy is a little ball of energy, and sometimes that energy can come out in mischievous ways. They may nip, destroy your belongings, run around, or not listen to anything you say. This is totally normal behavior for a puppy to have. Training your new puppy is very important to make sure that they grow up to be a well-behaved and socialized dog. So, here are tips to help you train your puppies near Boca Raton for sale.

1. Start Simple and Gradually Build Skills With Puppies Near Boca Raton for Sale

Puppies are not known for their robust attention spans. So, the best way to teach your puppy a new skill is to start small and progress over several short periods. Working through each trick with a series of milestones makes it easier for your puppy to understand.

2. Be Consistent

Consistency is how your puppy learns exactly what it is that you want. Always proceed with each training element in a consistent manner, and try to maintain a regular schedule for your fur baby. For example, if you are using treats to train, always make sure that you are giving treats whenever they perform a correct behavior.

3. Set Your Puppy Up for Success

When preparing to train your pet, try to make the conditions as easy as possible, so that it is easier for your pup to succeed. Before each training session, make sure your pup is well rested but also not so energized that they can not focus. You should also make sure that the pup has gone to the bathroom and is generally comfortable. Choose a spot to practice that does not have too many distractions and is calm.

4. Keep Socialization in Mind

You should make socializing your puppy a top priority. Getting your pup used to meeting other dogs and humans early goes a long way towards making your pup a friendlier dog in the long run. Seeing how other dogs behave can also help your puppy understand what behaviors are expected of them. Getting your pup used to experiencing new locations is also important for helping them stay calm out in public.

Where Can I Find Puppies Near Boca Raton for Sale?

Now that you are more equipped to train a puppy, you need a puppy to train! If you want a cute new friend and are looking for puppies in Boca Raton for sale, contact Love My Puppy at 561-368-6767 to ask about our available pooches, or come in to our Boca Raton puppy store today!