A lot of people consider puppies as a great holiday gift for children or other family members. There is a lot to consider when making the decision to adopt a pet. What breed is the best for your needs? What is the ideal size for for your living situation? 

Here are 3 loving breeds that would be great to gift for the holidays. 

English Bulldog 

The English Bulldog is a medium sized dog considered to be great guard dogs. English Bulldogs are pretty easy to train for simple commands such as sitting or staying. They like to be stubborn at times, but who doesn’t? 

English bulldogs are attention seekers and are easy to please. They love to be lazy and just lay around. They are very affectionate to their owners and love lots of cuddles, as well as treats.The English bulldog does well in the apartment life, as they are not the most active breed and a big yard is not necessary. 

French Bulldog

The French bulldog, or Frenchie, has a charming and playful disposition, with a tough-on-the-outside, sweet-on-the-inside demeanor. This breed is very affectionate, sweet, and, of course, curious. They love companionship. 

Frenchies are wonderful around children and other dogs. They can weigh anywhere from 19 to 28 pounds, making this breed good for apartment dwellers. Frenchies are a small but mighty breed, with a larger than life personality. 


The Maltese breed is a toy dog breed covered in long, silky hair. Gentle mannered and affectionate, they greet everyone as a friend. This breed is fearless, which makes them an alert watchdog. 

Maltese love being with people, aim to please. They posses a  competitive streak, making them great at speed and agility. Maltese are low shedding, long lived, and happy to make new friends. Small in size, Maltese puppies have a big personality and great hair.

It’s time now to pick out your holiday puppy, the best fur baby for your family. Let Love My Puppy help you choose the perfect one!

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