Chihuahua Puppies For Sale in Boca Raton & West Palm Beach


The Chihuahua is a toy sized dog with a compact body that is longer than the height of the dog. Their head is very well-rounded and almost resembles an apple shape. When chihuahuas are born, they have a “soft spot” on the top of their head that is very sensitive but should grow out of it by adulthood. A chihuahua’s eyes are typically large in size with large erect ears. Their tail is long straight with either a slight curl over their body or to the side. The breed’s coat can come is all forms including short, long, wavy, or flat and in a variety of different colors.

Breed Temperament: 

This breed makes a wonderful companion. Chihuahuas are loving and vivacious. They are extremely playful and but can become rather strong-willed under a lenient pack leader. With a direct yet gentle approach, the Chihuahua will grow to respect their owners. Proper socialization will eliminate any problems with other animals. The Chihuahua is intelligent and will learn quickly. Children companions are great for Chihuahuas because the extra activity will keep the canine mentally stimulated.

Height & Weight: 

Height: 6 - 9 inches Weight: 2 - 6 lbs

Living Conditions: 

Chihuahua’s prefer warm climates and dislike the cold. Even though they are a small breed, they require ample amount of space to roam and play freely. Apartment life should be fine as long as they are provided with enough space to be active.

Life Expectancy: 

About 15 or more years.