Yorkie Puppies For Sale in Boca Raton & West Palm Beach


The Yorkshire terrier is a very small breed often considered a toy-sized dog. The breed usually has a small flat head with a black nose, dark-rimmed medium sized eyes, and erect triangular ears. Their long coat has a high gloss and falls straight down on either side of the dog’s body. The hair on the terrier’s head is usually on the longer side and may need extra trimming or may even need to be tied up as to not get in the way of eating.

Breed Temperament: 

Yorkshire Terriers are the classic example of canines that exhibit “Small Dog Syndrome.” They typically are oblivious to their small size and approach life from an adventurous and confident perspective. Although small in size, they are highly active, extremely loyal, and particularly clever. Training Yorkies is absolutely necessary due to the yorkie’s stubbornness. Yorkshire terriers are protective and do well around children but can sometimes be difficult to housebreak.

Height & Weight: 

Height: 6 - 7 inches Weight: 7 lbs

Living Conditions: 

Yorkshire terriers do best in warm weather and will do well with apartment living. They are active, however due to their small size, not much space is required.

Life Expectancy: 

About 12-15 years.