Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale in Boca Raton & West Palm Beach


The Shih-Tzu breed is a smaller breed that is usually longer in length than it is in height. The head is round and broad with a short muzzle. Ears usually hang low and are covered in hair. Shih-Tzus have a double coat that is very dense and long hair that flows past the dog. Due to very little shedding, this breed is a great choice for owners with a pet allergy.

Breed Temperament: 

This breed is primarily bred for domestic purposes making it a very docile breed. Their personalities are most often guided by trust, gentleness, and loyalty. Shih-Tzus are very affectionate and extremely gentle around family and children. When properly trained, the breed will feel more comfortable and allow itself to be the calm and trustworthy breed it is meant to be.

Height & Weight: 

Height: Up to 11 inches Weight: 9 - 16 lbs

Living Conditions: 

The breed is sensitive to heat, making it ideal for the dog to remain indoors. Apartments are a good choice for Shih-Tzus as they do not require much space for their activity.

Life Expectancy: 

15 or more years.